My firefox add-ons

Below is a list of add-ons I use in my current Firefox profile and I’d recommend you use too! 🙂

  • Adblock Plus – An advertisement blocker that can import filters from others
  • BetterPrivacy – Allows you to view and DELETE nasty LSO files
  • Bried – An RSS reader
  • Disable Ctrl-Q shortcut – ever tried to “Ctrl+a” but accidentally “Ctrl+q” 😦
  • DownloadHelper – store a local copy of a video on youtube and other sites
  • FireGestures – Control firefox with mouse gestures
  • It’s all Text! – Every textfield can be edited via your favourite text editor
  • Lazarus – re-populates data in forms if the browser crashes or similar
  • TabMix Plus – An Add-on to help manage a lot of Tabs

And good ones for development:

  • FireBug – “Web Development Evolved”
  • Tamper Data – lets you manipulate headers before you get redirected
  • Web Developer – lets you do all sorts of things to HTML forms and the like

You should have a master password set for Firefox anyway, however if you have more than one device, do yourself a favour and set up Firefox Sync (with a master password).

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