How to get into Linux?

Every now and then a Linux-newbie approaches me while trying to learn the ways of the force, i.e. to become more familiar with Linux. This post is the start of a hopefully comprehensive collection of easy ways to get deeper into Linux.

PodCasts are a great way of getting the latest and greatest information about various topics in an easily digestible format. I personally used to listen to a lot of PodCasts but don’t have the time any more so I only stick to a few. At the moment I’m listening to The Linux Action Show which I recommend. Also, especially if you’re new to Linux subscribe your favourite PodCast player to “Going Linux“.

It wouldn’t hurt to pick a few other podcasts from

Subscribe to Full Circle Magazine and read some issue.

Have a look at these commands or Linux Survival along with The Linux Documentation Project (the last two options were stolen from a coworker – Hi Aaron Borkovec).

If you have your own tricks that would make nice additions to the above, please leave me a comment and I’ll add it here.